Troubleshooters applaud the homemaker that strives to have a well-organized refrigerator. That effort helps to ensure a decent level of maintenance for the one of the home’s most used appliances. By organizing the items on the fridge’s shelves, a homemaker can guard against over packing. At the same time, the ease with which things can be found reduces the amount of time during which the fridge’s door stays open.

Actions to take before the refrigerator’s shelves get organized

First, toss out all the old food. Then wipe up any spills. If old spills were allowed to harden, this job could take a fair amount of time. Hopefully, that time will increase your desire to get things organized. When it becomes easier to find any item, the chances for a spill decrease.

The temperature on each shelf ought to guide the location of each item stored in the refrigerator.

Put eggs where the temperature stays the same, normally on a middle shelf. Keep them in the carton.

Put raw ingredients on the lower shelves. Keep meat in a plastic container, so that no juice falls on other items. Keep milk on a lower shelf, and put it back towards the rear. It is colder there. Do not put a milk bottle on the fridge’s door. You should not hesitate, though, to put butter or cheese on that particular door.

Store fruits and vegetables in the drawers that are under the shelves. The humidity inside the drawers matches with the needs of the stored produce. If your family includes lots of sandwich lovers, consider adding a meat drawer. That is a good place for storing cold cuts.

What to put on the higher shelves?

Make any leftovers easy-to-access. That way, there is less chance that some of them might get overlooked. In addition, it becomes easier to keep track of older items, and to throw out, those that look less and less appealing.

The top shelves could also be used for storing items that might be used as healthful snacks. A tray of cut vegetables and dip could go there. A bowl of fruit could also be placed on the shelf, ready to present to any guest.

If you have a refrigerator with a bottom freezer, your snack food needs to go in the space between the refrigerated items and the frozen foods. That space has a special temperature, one that suits food that will soon be eaten.

Avoid over packing any shelf. That practice can push things against the rear wall of the appliance. Foods can freeze when pushed into that particular spot. Smart homemakers do not fill the back of any shelf with foods or beverages that deserve safe-keeping. If the food item ls are not cool or the cooling is low, call in the appliance repair service in Ajax.