For decades the residents in a home have relied on the availability of hot water. In the past that water got stored in a large tank. If a series of actions demanded the existence of hot water, the tank’s supply might run low. Then some poor soul would have to wait, or make do with cold water.

The tankless water heater does not store any liquid. Instead, it heats what one of the residents wants flowing from a showerhead or a faucet at the time when the same resident has turned on the faucet or the shower.

A heating unit replaces the traditional tank.

That unit contains either powerful gas burners or elements that heat up upon introduction of electrical energy. Both types of heating elements cause the water’s temperature to increase rapidly. The unit turns off when the faucet or showerhead has been closed. In that way, the tankless appliance becomes a money-saver.

The amount of money that the homeowner can save varies from one residence to the next. Some families enjoy a savings of only 5%, as compared to what the same family had been paying before. Other families might have a water bill that indicates a 69% savings.

Two different factors determine the amount of money that can be saved. One is the size of the tank that has been replaced. The source of energy is another contributing factor. Did the unit have gas burners or elements that got heated by an electrical current?

Other ways that a family will benefit if it uses the hot water from a tankless heater

The heating unit does not take up as much space as a traditional tank. Consequently, the area that used to be filled by that large tank can be used for storing other items. If that water- storage unit had been sharing space with appliances in a laundry room, the person in charge of the laundry would probably welcome the chance to work in a more spacious spot.

The heating unit contains replaceable parts. Hence, if one part breaks or gets damaged in some fashion, it can be replaced quite easily. Unlike a metal tank, a heating unit will never develop a leak. The efficiency of the tankless heater remains the same throughout its lifetime; it never decreases. That feature contrasts sharply with the diminishing efficiency of a hot water tank.

Possible commercial use

The owner of a bed and breakfast establishment would be wise to think seriously about investing in a tankless water heater. The guests would delight in the speed with which the water got warm enough for a comfortable shower. At the same time, the owner would be getting a lower utility bill. However, due to constant use, there might be some malfunction and that is when the business owner will need to call in the appliance repair service in Ajax.