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29 Oct 2018

Learning About The Decibel Ratings of Your Dishwasher

Many people prioritize the decibel rating as they go shopping for a new dishwasher. After all, who isn’t annoyed by steady loud noises in the home? Nobody wants to deal with a kitchen appliance that frequently drowns out conversation, the radio or even wakes up the child they just put down for their nap.To avoid this, here is a list of factors that influence the amount of noise a dishwasher makes:Read More

22 Oct 2018

How To Achieve A Better Organized Refrigerator?

Troubleshooters applaud the homemaker that strives to have a well-organized refrigerator. That effort helps to ensure a decent level of maintenance for the one of the home’s most used appliances. By organizing the items on the fridge’s shelves, a homemaker can guard against over packing. At the same time, the ease with which things can be found reduces the amount of time during which the fridge’s door stays open. Read More

19 Oct 2018

A Guide To Moving Heavy Appliances

There are multiple possibilities as to why you may want to move around your heavy appliances. But no matter the reason, you should always come prepared with a plan so you can avoid damaging your floor, back, as well as the appliance itself.Read More

12 Sep 2018

Why Is My Gas Range Clicking?

If you have noticed a clicking sound coming from your gas oven we may have the solution. Maybe you have tried other tips from troubleshooting posts and if you haven’t solved the issue, then it may be time to follow this latest tip.Read More

10 Sep 2018

What Are The Common Dishwasher Issues Homeowners Face?

For the many people that do not want to hand wash stacks of dishes, a dishwasher is probably their favorite appliance and it is a very convenient one to have. This convenience could be lost if your dishwasher is no longer heating or drying properly and you are back to hand Washing them again.If this is the case here are a few tips to help you out if you have the dishwasher woes:Read More

08 Sep 2018

How To Ensure Pilot Lights Are Lit On A Stove?

Some people, such as the house chef, prefer gas stoves to electric. Gas stoves allow for more control in heating temperatures. This makes gas perfect for cooking so many meals.Maybe your oven did not come equipped with an electronic ignition, not all models do. If not, you are going to have to light the pilot lights yourself or call a repair specialist for this task. Once all the pilots are lit you can then use the oven and burners. Experts inform you that before you will be able to use the oven, the pilot lights must be lit on the burners.Read More

06 Sep 2018

How To Disconnect Gas From A Dryer?

You may be moving your old dryer out for a new one to come on in. Either way if you are disconnecting your old gas dryer, safety precautions should always be followed. Being cautious is always important when disconnecting gas because of gas explosions or serious fire hazards.Read More

23 Jul 2018

Quick Guide On Buying A Countertop Dishwasher

When you don’t have a lot of space, but don’t want to wash dishes by hand all the time, you may want to consider getting a countertop dishwasher. This type of dishwasher is also sometimes referred to as a compact or portable dishwasher because of its small size. It sits on top of a counter or any other flat surface, has the same capabilities as a full size dishwasher with the benefit of using less energy and being portable.Read More