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09 Apr 2018

Never Put These Items In Your Dishwasher

Although dishwashers are one of the best inventions ever, especially after a large family meal, there are simply some things that aren’t meant to be washed in your dishwasher. The unfortunate truth is that hand washing is alive and well when it comes to the following items.Read More

14 Mar 2018

Why You Shouldn’t Use Too Much Detergent In Your Washer

More detergent does not mean cleaner clothes. In fact, more detergent may be detrimental, both to your clothing and your washer. New washers use less water than the older models, particularly if they are high efficiency. In many cases, if you are using more soap, your washer is not using enough water to thoroughly rinse it out of your clothing. This will leave a residue of soap on your clothing.Read More

09 Mar 2018

Don’t Destroy Your Glass Or Ceramic Top Stove!

Your household appliances are large investments. You don’t want to have to repair or replace them if possible. But so many homeowners don’t realize that these investments can be easily marred or destroyed without the proper usage. Nowhere does this seem more prevalent than with a glass or ceramic stove or cooktopRead More

06 Mar 2018

14 Things You Should Never Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

Too many homeowners take the garbage disposal’s name literally and attempt to dispose of any and all food debris only to end up with a big mess and a malfunctioning appliance. The garbage disposal is an unfortunate misnomer because there are many things that it simply won’t dispose of. Your garbage disposal has its limits. Here are some items you shouldn’t put down your garbage disposal:Read More

26 Feb 2018

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Deep Freezers

Chest freezers, or deep freezers are commonly found in homes storing meats, vegetables, fruits, and more. This style freezer became very popular in the 40’s and 50’s due to the ability to stock up. Over time, they became too large to keep in the home or homeowners didn’t use them for storing food because of the ease of obtaining food whenever you needed to. Today, the deep freezers are well on their way to making a comeback. Read More