If you’re a person who uses ice a lot, you may find that you’re continually running out of the ones that you’ve frozen in the freezer using ice trays. You may even find yourself stocking up on bagged ice from the grocery store. The bagged ice is handy but it does take up a lot of space in your freezer. It can also start getting expensive if you’re always buying the bagged ice.

A built in ice machine might be something worth considering. They’re also called under counter ice machines and they’re designed to fit with your kitchen seamlessly, installed directly into your cabinetry and don’t take up any floor space. They’re built in just like a dishwasher is built in.Before making the decision to buy an under counter ice maker, it would be beneficial to do a little bit of background research so you know what’s available, what you might find useful and approximately how much money you can expect to invest.

Top Three Factors to Consider

There are a lot of factors to consider when buying an under counter ice maker. A small book could be written on the various features each brand offers and the pros and cons of each feature. To simplify it, we’ll narrow down this guide to the top three factors to consider when buying an under counter ice maker. They are the following:

1. Placement
2. Type of Ice
3. Production Rate and Capacity


When looking for an ice maker, you do have the option to buy a portable one. There’s nothing wrong with a portable unit and it may meet your needs. However, a under counter ice maker looks better in the kitchen and it doesn’t take up additional counter space.That said, you need to consider the best place to put the unit before you get one. You want to pick a spot where it’ll fit nicely and look like it belongs. Before you begin browsing for an under counter ice maker, you want to make sure you have a spot to put it. You want to know where you want to install the unit and if anything special needs to be done to get the space ready. Talk with an appliance repair technician in Ajax before you buy the appliance as they can suggest the best for your home.

When you know how much space you have to work with, you’ll have a better idea of the size of ice maker you’ll be able to get. You even have the choice of having an indoor or outdoor under counter ice maker. The outdoor ones are great for those who do a lot of patio entertaining. They tend to be more expensive since they need to be made hardier to handle the changes in weather.

Type of Ice

Yes, there are different types of ice. The type of ice usually refers to the shape of the ice. This is important to some people who want their ice to look a certain way. There are under counter ice makers that can make ice into many different shapes and sizes. You’ll pay extra for this feature. If you simply want frozen water to keep your beverage cool, and don’t care much about what the ice looks like, you’ll be able to purchase a unit that doesn’t cost as much as a more specialized unit that offers different shapes and sizes of frozen water.