You may be moving your old dryer out for a new one to come on in. Either way if you are disconnecting your old gas dryer, safety precautions should always be followed. Being cautious is always important when disconnecting gas because of gas explosions or serious fire hazards.

Make sure you contact a qualified appliance repair technician in Ajax to disconnect any gas lines if you are even a little nervous. This is not a simple task, if you are not a professional. If you do think this is a DIY project, here are a few tips to help you out:

#1: If you have other gas appliances in your home, snuff out all other pilot lights or open flames. Do not leave candles burning and check that pilots are out on all other gas appliances in the home.

#2: Do not leave any lint near the dryer and be sure to clean the lint screen. These small pieces of fluff are a potential hazard when near gas.

#3: Now you should switch dryer to the “off” position with the control knobs, then unplug the unit from its electrical outlet.

#4: Turn the small valve off that is located on the dryer line. You can also cut off the main valve gas line to turn off all the dryers and other appliances gas supply. Now, proceed with caution and only continue if there is no gas smell evident.

#5; Do not attempt to just pull the hose from the unit as, some are screwed to the dryer with a plate to cover them. Then, unscrew the flex hose from the line to completely disconnect appliance from gas lines.

#6: You will want to be sure that a complete seal is intact by using a gas line cap. Now wrap the connection with Teflon tape as soon as it is exposed.

#7: Some gas will always escape so before continuing the room should be clear of any gas smell after five minutes. Keep doors and windows open longer for better ventilation. If you do still smell gas, be sure all gas lines are off from the entire home. If the gas smell lingers, calling a professional may be in order.

You have now disconnected your gas dryer by yourself. Even if this disconnect seemed simple to you, never take risks and always be sure to follow all safety precautions. It helps to call in the experts as they understand the instance something goes wrong. Gas leaks are not only hazardous but can cause explosions if the safety is ignored. That is why call in an appliance repair service before you start doing it or allow them to do it safely.