Your household appliances are large investments. You don’t want to have to repair or replace them if possible. But so many homeowners don’t realize that these investments can be easily marred or destroyed without the proper usage. Nowhere does this seem more prevalent than with a glass or ceramic stove or cooktop

Appliance abuse is real. Here are a few of the ways that we homeowners inadvertently destroy our glass surface stove.

Fussy Cleaners

Ceramic and glass cooktops can be fussy. Although they were originally touted as being easy to clean, those who own one know otherwise. The wrong cleaning products with abrasives can scratch and ruin a cooktop in no time. Always use a non-abrasive cleaner when cleaning your cooktop with a soft cloth or sponge.

Clean Up Those Spills

Food spills should be cleaned up immediately with a non-abrasive cleaner, especially anything that may have sugar as an ingredient. Cooked on sugar can leave a residue that is nearly impossible to clean up and can discolor your cooktop permanently. Clean up these spills immediately so you don’t leave unsightly marks on your stove.

This also goes for cookware that is dirty on the bottom. Food or grease that is on the bottom of your pots and pans can not only cause some major smoke but can mar and stain your stove top. And never leave stirring utensils with food on top for the same reason.

Use the Right Cookware

If you slide aluminum or copper cookware on your glass cooktop, it can rub off and mark the surface. Never use cast iron cookware as it usually has a textured and abrasive bottom that may scratch your surface. Any cookware that has a rough base should be avoided. Flat bottomed cookware tends to be more stable and less abrasive than curved bottoms. Never let hot glass bake ware sit on your cooktop.

Don’t Slide!

Sliding oversized pots and pans can mar the surface. If you need to move your cookware, better to pick it up and transfer it than leaving a scratch or gouge.

Heavy Weight is a No No

The most serious damage you can do to your glass or ceramic top is to break it. It should be obvious but never stand on the surface. Never even put a heavy item on top. Although it looks as if it is a sturdy surface and you may be tempted to use it like you would other counter space, constant heating and cooling can affect how much weight it can bear at any given time. Better not to take the chance of having to replace the whole top of your stove.

Although glass and ceramic tops require more care, some homeowners love the sleek look. If you have any issues with your glass or ceramic stove or cooktop, call a professional. The Ajax appliance repair specialists at ES Appliance Repair can deal with any appliance repair need you may have.