Some people, such as the house chef, prefer gas stoves to electric. Gas stoves allow for more control in heating temperatures. This makes gas perfect for cooking so many meals.Maybe your oven did not come equipped with an electronic ignition, not all models do. If not, you are going to have to light the pilot lights yourself or call a repair specialist for this task. Once all the pilots are lit you can then use the oven and burners. Experts inform you that before you will be able to use the oven, the pilot lights must be lit on the burners.

On The Surface

• All the knobs should be turned to the “off” position on your stove.

• Now lift the cook top off of your oven. You may need a flat screwdriver to give you some leverage to do it.

• Using a match, light all the pilots for the burners.

Lighting the Oven

• Step 1: In order to light the pilot for the oven, you will have to completely remove the door. This can be done by pulling the door off of the oven. Pull the oven door open to the first “stop” position, grabbing the door on either side and pull it up.

• Step 2: Remove all of the oven racks and take the screws out of the panel located in the oven’s bottom. These screw are usually located at the rear of the oven panel. Lift the bottom panel up using the finger slots and lift out to remove it from the oven.

• Step 3: You will now find the pilot light at the back of the oven and to the left. Holding the oven control knob, push it in to light the pilot.

• Step 4: You will now want to hold the knob down for one full minute waiting for when the pilot lights.

• Step 5: Put the oven door back on and your entire oven back together and check to see that the pilot light is working.

• Step 6: After your oven has been completely put back together, set oven control to 260 degrees, when the oven burner ignites your oven should easily reach that temperature.

Now You’re Cooking

If not and you have any questions or feel uneasy working on your oven you should call an appliance repair expert in Ajax as soon as possible. They understand all aspects of stoves and ovens, with considerable experience in their field. Thus, keep their phone numbers handy to give them a call when there is any issues.