Chest freezers, or deep freezers are commonly found in homes storing meats, vegetables, fruits, and more. This style freezer became very popular in the 40’s and 50’s due to the ability to stock up. Over time, they became too large to keep in the home or homeowners didn’t use them for storing food because of the ease of obtaining food whenever you needed to. Today, the deep freezers are well on their way to making a comeback.

Benefits of a Chest Freezer

The benefits of using a chest freezer can ultimately determine whether or not it’s a good idea to purchase one for your home or not. The standard refrigerator comes with one evaporator to cool the unit and one exhaust system. If you have a freezer attached to your refrigerator on a standard model, you know that one healthy clove of garlic or a sliced onion that you packaged inside a baggie or container is going to smell loudly and eventually reach the ice cubes in the freezer. With a deep freezer model, there isn’t as much of a chance to cross contaminate the odors into the freezers. The deep freezer can also drop to a lower temperature for a longer period of time without too much of a hassle. This allows you to keep foods longer inside the freezer. Another great benefit of a deep chest freezer is that you can buy foods in bulk so you don’t have to make as many trips to the store as you normally would.

The Down Side

The down side to owning a deep freezer is that you have to stack the food you buy in bulk. If you want to fix a turkey breast for example, you may need to dig down to the bottom of the stack of food in order to pull the turkey breast out. Once a year, or more often if needed, you may need to empty the freezer out completely and then defrost it in order to clean it and maintain it.

Selecting a Deep Freezer

There are many different models available in deep freezers today. You can choose different colors, different shapes, and different sizes. You want to make sure that your model that you choose is also a frost free unit so you don’t spend so much time defrosting the freezers. You also want to choose a model that is seamless so there is no way that the cold air can escape. That is why it helps to call in an appliance repairs professional in Ajax.

Find a model that is new so you can enjoy the unit for a longer period of time. Before you go shopping for your new freezer unit, you will want to measure the area that you want to place your freezer at to make sure that you get a unit that fits better.