If you’re in the market to buy a new toaster oven, you’ll discover that the process may not be as simple and straight forward as you expected. There is such a large variety of toaster ovens available on the market today that picking one has the potential to be daunting, especially if you don’t entirely know what you want before you begin.

Like any purchase large or small, knowing what to expect and weighing your options will help you make the best decision when buying a toaster oven. Consider this a brief toaster oven guide to give you the foundation and basics to help you determine the direction you want to take in your toaster oven selection. You can also talk with an appliance repair service in Ajax before you take a pick.

Consider How Much Space You Have

Kitchens come in many different sizes offering an assortment of kitchen appliance configurations. When deciding what type of toaster oven to buy, you first need to take a good look at your kitchen, it’s layout and how much room you have available for a toaster oven.

Size is a factor. If you don’t have the space for a bigger toaster oven, then it won’t work for you to get one. On the other hand, if you’re planning on getting a small toaster oven simply to save space, you may find that it’s too small to use. It may be worth it to sacrifice some counter space for an appliance you can use instead of wasting counter space on one that you can’t or won’t end up using.

When considering size, think about how you would like to use the toaster and what types of foods you plan to prepare in the unit. Consider the size of the dishes you plan to put in the toaster oven. For example, do you expect to be using dishes not much bigger than a luncheon plate or do you want to fit an entire casserole dish in the toaster oven? Will you be baking cookies in it? Heating up pizza? Or simply using the unit to toast and occasionally heat up chicken nuggets?

Determining the size of the toaster oven you end up getting will depend on the space you have in your kitchen and how you plan to use the unit. Don’t make the mistake of buying one that’s too small for you to use, since this will end up being a waste of money and space.

Temperature Range/Pre-set Settings

Different models will have different temperature ranges and pre-set settings. Temperature ranges is an important consideration and will depend on how you plan to use your toaster oven. Certain foods require a certain heat level to prepare so you want to make sure that the unit you choose can meet those needs.Pre-set settings are more about convenience. If you’re looking for a more convenient unit to use, these will be important to you. Pre-set settings have a preprogrammed heat setting and cooking time for certain common foods like bagel, pizza, cookies, toast, and reheat. More expensive models will have more options when it comes to pre-set settings.