There are multiple possibilities as to why you may want to move around your heavy appliances. But no matter the reason, you should always come prepared with a plan so you can avoid damaging your floor, back, as well as the appliance itself.

Step 1: Taking Measurements

Don’t just take your measuring tape to the appliance, also be sure to check in with any doorways you plan to move the appliance through. The same goes for any new appliances you may be planning on moving into your home. It’s the best way to avoid future frustration and prepare ahead of time.

Step 2: Clearing the Inside and Securing the Doors

Emptying any and all appliances is a must. It will make the appliance lighter and keep the contents from causing a shift in weight, as well as keep them from getting damaged. Once you’ve taken care of that part, it is time to whip out the packing tape to secure doors and drawers to keep them from flying open and bang into doorways or people.

Step 3: Cleaning the Floor

Whether it be sand, crumbs or any other kind of dirt, all of it can cause additional friction that can cause ugly marks and scratches to your floor. This goes double for laminate, tiles and hardwood floors.

Step 4: Gathering Equipment

Dollies and hand carts are your best friend when it comes to moving heavy appliances. Using them is the best way to avoid scratches on the floor and banging into corners and doorways. And even if you don’t have one at home, you should have an easy time finding a place to rent them. They’ll also make it much, much easier to get up and down stairs.

Plastic floor guides are also an exceptionally helpful invention when it comes to moving heavy appliances on one floor level. You simply spread it on the floor, heave the appliances onto it and now you’re ready to pull the guide around, appliance on top, without damaging the floor. An alternative to this is using carpet squares with plywood on top on which you can place your appliance and move it around with the same method.

Additionally, there are air skids. It is slipped under the appliance and plugged in so it can fill with air via its installed pumping mechanism. This way, you can transport your appliance with ease and no risk of damaging the floor. It is difficult to do it all on your own, and that is why you need an appliance repair service in Ajax.