If you try to carry out a job without knowing exactly what steps you must take, you can encounter problems. The smart homeowner keeps that fact in mind, when planning to move an appliance. Otherwise, the home where an appliance’s location has been altered could look less appealing to any future buyer. It might develop dents, scratches or tears in a flooring element.

Fortunately, such unsightly markings do not show up, if the chief mover has taken the time to review the best measures to take. So, by employing the proper measures, you can take part in a move that does not create a single new problem. Listed below you will find the steps that allow for an abandonment of such problems.

Preparatory steps (to be done before the numbered steps)

Try to get hold of the proper equipment, so that the move proves less of a challenge. Find out if you can gain access to a dolly. If not, consider buying a plastic floor guide. Never think that you can handle the job on your own. Do not feel reluctant to go looking for someone that has agreed to be of help. Share with your volunteer helper a listing of the tasks that you plan to handle on your own. Allow your helper to see that you will shoulder a large number of responsibilities.

Step 1: Measuring

Measure both the appliance to be moved and the route over which that machine will have to travel. Do not forget to measure the doorways as well. Use your tape measure to get the exact size of the space where the transferred piece of equipment will get put. Study the measurements and think about whether or not an alternate route would make the planned move easier.
You should not need a helper when you take the necessary measurements. You may want to get your helper’s opinion, when you think about the route that will be used for transferring a designated appliance.

Step 2: Preparing the appliance

Remove any items in the appliance that must be moved. If it is a refrigerator, store the removed items in a portable freezer or an ice chest. Use heavy tape to secure each of the appliance’s doors and lids. If it needs crating, call in an appliance repair service in Ajax to assist you. If you can complete most of those tasks before the arrival of your volunteer assistant, then you may be able to lengthen that assistant’s stay. Perhaps the two of you could start returning items to the transferred machine.

Step 3: Reduce level of force created by friction

Friction can act against the force created by the movers. A good cleaning of the floor can reduce the amount of force that should start to act against the movers.