Many people prioritize the decibel rating as they go shopping for a new dishwasher. After all, who isn’t annoyed by steady loud noises in the home? Nobody wants to deal with a kitchen appliance that frequently drowns out conversation, the radio or even wakes up the child they just put down for their nap.To avoid this, here is a list of factors that influence the amount of noise a dishwasher makes:


How your dishwasher looks depends on the material that was used and when it was built since different techniques were popular at different times. This is why a decade old dishwasher is more often than not, already much noisier than the new model that just hit the market. This is because open floor-plans are steadily growing in popularity which forced manufacturers to pay closer attention to the decibel ratings on their appliances.


As previously mentioned, the materials used play a big role in how loud a dishwasher is. To keep the noise down, each model contains insulation in both the sides and front. However, the quality and thickness of this varies and as such, influences how noisy a dishwasher is. It also impacts the efficiency of the model. This is why purchasing sound-deadening material is a good idea for anyone with an older model. It can be wrapped around the sides and top of you dishwasher and reduce noise much like insulation does.

When it comes to the interior, stainless steel is all the rage. It can be costly to obtain but does absorb more sound than any other material on the market. It also retains heat more efficiently which allows the dishes do dry faster, saves you energy and keeps the noise down to shorter periods of time. On top of that, it also won’t absorb smells and is much easier to keep clean. You can seek the assistance of appliance repair service in Ajax, if there are any issues.


When it comes to the construction, the placement of the motor is the main thing to look out for. If it is attached to the tub, your dishwasher will be a lot noisier. However, it is placed at the bottom, you will deal with less noise but will also have to shop in a higher price range since the manufacturer has to purchase costlier materials to build the appliance.

Bonus Features

If you are thinking of purchasing a dishwasher with extra features, such as added jets or spray arms, a disposal system or certain filters, you will also have to expect more noise. Any additional water or motors or such will also mean additional noise that is simply how it is.