More detergent does not mean cleaner clothes. In fact, more detergent may be detrimental, both to your clothing and your washer. New washers use less water than the older models, particularly if they are high efficiency. In many cases, if you are using more soap, your washer is not using enough water to thoroughly rinse it out of your clothing. This will leave a residue of soap on your clothing.

Excess detergent can stain clothing and actually hold in dirt in areas that haven’t been able to rinse clean and could result in bacteria buildup. You can set your washer to the extra rinse cycle but then you are using even more water.

An Excess of Detergent Can Mean Mold and Mildew

Excess detergent can cause mold to build up inside your washer. Many detergents use animal fat in their manufacturing. When it does not get rinsed out of your washer tub, it can congeal and begin to grow mold. Since this usually builds up in the gasket or in the bottom of the tub, you may not see it but you will certainly smell it.

Sudsing Can Cause a Washer Malfunction

Some washers actually detect too much detergent and it can cause the unit to stop operating. Too many suds can cause damage to your machine. When suds travel up the hose at the bottom of the machine, they can come into contact with a switch that will make your washer malfunction. You are left with a repair call. Just because of some extra soap.

How Much Detergent is the Right Amount?

So how much detergent is the right amount? Check the container of laundry detergent for their recommendation. For a high-efficiency washer, it’s best to find a detergent that is geared to that type of washer. For most newer models of washers today, high-efficiency detergents should be used. These detergents are specifically formulated for the lower water washing that takes place with high-efficiency washers and include more surfactants for lower sudsing. The excess sudsing is one of the leading causes for washer repairs.

Clean Your Washer

It is helpful to use a washing machine cleaning product on a monthly basis. This will dissolve and remove residue caused by excess detergent and remove nasty odors.

Call a Professional

If it’s already too late and your washer needs a repair, call the Ajax appliance repair professionals at ES Appliance Repair. We offer same day service so you can get back to your busy life. Call us today for any appliance repair or maintenance needs you may have.