So you’re ready to buy a new washer? It could be the last time you did this was a very long time ago back before such things as front loaders. Or this may be your first washer ever. Here are some things Ajax appliance repair experts suggest you consider when you’re looking at the washers on the market today.

First, consider your needs. Are you single and only do the occasional load? Or do you have a big family and your typical day consists of at least one load of laundry and maybe several?

Top or Front Loader?

Top loaders are typically less expensive and don’t require bending down to load. Front loaders can use about 65% less energy and a third less water. However, there are new top loaders on the market that are pricier but rival the efficiency of the front loader washers.

Size Matters

Consider the capacity of the washer you need. The larger the interior of your washer, the more you are able to fit, even those comforters and heavy blankets.

Washers range in size It’s really difficult to compare capacity with terms such as “large capacity”. Check the specific interior dimensions when making your choice.

Heavy Objects

Speaking of comforters and heavy blankets, consider a washer with an extra spin cycle or rinse cycle. This is handy if you wash a lot of large objects or even for things like towels.


Do your kids play sports? Does someone work in industry or a restaurant? You may benefit from a washer with extra long washing cycles or a pre-soak cycle.


If you have a lot of clothing that requires hand washing, you may want to consider a washer with cycles that simulate hand washing or special delicate cycles.


Consider your budget. Washers cost between $250 and $2,000. That’s a big range. Make sure to do your homework before shopping.


Where are you going to install your washer and how much room do you have? Although most freestanding washers are 27 in/68.58 cm, you can purchase compact units and stack able units. If you don’t have a dedicated laundry room, there are portable washing machines on the market.

If you need more lighting in your laundry area, you may want to consider a lighted console on your washer. If your laundry area is near any bedrooms, you will want to consider how loud the unit is.

Consider the Installation

Do you have the appropriate hook-ups? Who will haul away an old unit? Will your unit fit through entryways and hallways?

Energy Efficiency

Look for the Energy Star Label for washers that have exceeded the energy efficiency standards. You may also be entitled to a rebate.

Maybe you’ve decided to just fix the washer you have. If you are looking for an Ajax appliance repair company you can trust, call the experts at ES Appliance Repair.