Whether you plan to install an electric dryer or a gas-fueled one, there are certain steps that should be completed before the installation proceeds.

Steps to complete regardless of the dryer-type that will be installed

Shut off power to the site where the appliance will be placed.Make sure that the same site receives an adequate amount of lighting. No one wants to work in the dark. Ensure that the plug on the dryer’s cord matches with the outlet at the chosen site. If it does not, you must purchase those products that would allow a match to be possible. Get the dryer in position. Arrange for it to be moved from its present location to the location where it can stand next to its designated spot. If you cannot do it on your own, call in the appliance repair service in Ajax to do it.

–A comment about the order of the steps listed above: The above steps may not be in the order that matches with the situation in your household. For example, if you will be installing a machine that has not yet been delivered, you can save time by learning as much as possible about the specific features on the plug that is at the end of the new dryer’s cord.

Added steps to complete during installation of a gas dryer

Put joint compound or pipe wrap around the valve that supplies the gas. This is a temporary measure. It prevents exposure of the installers to any gas that might come from the valve. Prepare the gas dryer’s pipe for placement in the gas line. Put the necessary attachment on that same pipe.

At this point the joint compound or wrap on the valve can be removed. The attachment on the dryer’s pipe should allow it to connect with the gas line. For safety reasons, a test should be conducted, in order to check for leaks in the new connection.

Using dishwasher soap and water make a testing solution. Spread that same solution over the connection that has to be tested. Switch on the gas and look for bubbles in the thinly-spread solution. The appearance of bubbles would signal the presence of a leak. That would indicate that the new connection has to be made more secure.

Once a secure connection has been created, it ought to be bound by duct tape.

Closing steps that get included in installation of both electric and gas-fueled dryers

Move the clothes-drying appliance into position.

Have a leveler available. If you use a leveler at this point, you can lower the chances for development of unwanted vibrations.

Added closing step that should be followed in household with a gas-fueled dryer

Schedule a regular cleaning of the exhaust tube. It could get filled with all sorts of lint.